norticer entradaWith 25 years of experience in the market of packaging pvc, we specialize in this market and our products have a quality recognized by our customers. Norticer - Serigrafia em Telas Plásticas, Lda is located near the Industrial Zone Vila Nova Sande, in Guimarães. For more information contact us or visit our facilities.

  1. Address

    Rua do Romanço, n.º 337 – Sande Vila Nova – 4805-623 Guimarães

  2. Contacts

    Telef. 253 575 445 – Fax. 253 570 217 – email:

  3. Products

    We produce pvc packaging of various measures and shapes according to desired by the customer and for the most varied uses. You can customize their packaging with screen printing, with snaps, Velcro or springs. The finish quality and timely delivery of orders are our priorities.